Lynn Rival - Sailplan and sails

Rival 38A, designed by Peter Brett

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Sailplan and sails

Sailplan: See drawing below
Dimensions: I=13.23m, J=4.36m, P=11.51m, E=4.19m
Sails: Genoa 125% - Jeckells (2012) Genoa 150% - Hood (2006), cloth woven by Hood in Ireland Staysail - Jeckells (2012) Main - Jeckells (2012), with 3 deep slab reefs and Cunningham Main - Hood (2006), with 3 deep slab reefs, shelf foot and Cunningham, cloth woven by Hood in Ireland Genaker - Jeckells Main stacker - Jeckells battened zip-up Main-mate with separate for'ard cover (2012)
Lynn Rival sailplan

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