Lynn Rival - Spars and rigging

Rival 38A, designed by Peter Brett

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Spars and rigging

Mast: Kemp E section 206mm x139mm (original -1981). Spreaders, spreader brackets and aft lower shroud attachments replaced in 2012. 4 non-metal folding steps fitted (as 2 pairs) at high level (2012)
Boom: Performance Spars 150mm x 95mm (fitted 2013), sheaves and jammers for 4 internal lines
Spinaker pole: Kemp telescopic 3.2m to 4.7m (original - 1981)
Standing rigging (all 2012): Forestay - 8mm 1x19 stainless steel Backstay - 7mm 1x19 stainless steel, fitted with two insulators Caps and lowers - 7mm 1x19 stainless steel Rigging screws - 7/16” chrome bronze stud-toggle rigging screws
Furling: Genoa - Sailspar 150-32-155 continuous line furling gear (2012) Staysail - Sailspar 150-32-130 continuous line furling gear (2012)
Boom brake: Boomlock 2 (Sailspar) (2012)
Mast winches: Main halyard - Lewmar 16 two speed Foresail halyards - Lewmar 10 single speed Spinaker halyard - Lewmar 10 single speed Clew outhaul/reefing pennants - Lewmar 7
Running rigging (all 2012): Genoa halyard - 12mm low stretch braid Main halyard - 12mm low stretch braid, halyard shackle spliced on Topping lift - 10mm braid, block at masthead, swivel snapshackle Spinaker halyard - 12mm braid, block at masthead, swivel snapshackle spliced on Spare halyard - 12mm braid Staysail halyard - 12mm low stretch braid Burgee halyard - 4mm braid Signal halyards - 4mm braid (2 nos.) Pole fitting up/downhaul - 8mm braid, fixed block Pole topping lift - 12mm braid, block at mast, snapshackle Pole foreguy - 10mm prestretched 3 strand, snapshackle, block at stem, Spinlock jammer on cockpit coaming Main sheet - 12mm Marlow matt braid, 6 part tackle with cam jammer, IYE traveller Genoa sheets - 14mm braid, track mounted Harken tri-roller cars (2004) Staysail sheets - 12mm braid, track mounted cars Spinaker sheets - 10mm braid, turning blocks at pushpit Furling lines - 10mm braid, 2 nos. continuous lines, each with 2 dismantleable double lead blocks and snatch block) Kicker - 12mm braid, 4 part tackle with fiddle blocks and cam jammer, snapshackle to boom Cunningham - 6mm braid 4 part tackle Boomlock - 14mm main line with carabiners to eyebolts, 5mm control line with lead blocks and cam jammer Clew outhaul - 8mm braid, within boom Reefing pennants - 10mm braid (3 nos. - white, green and red), within boom Lazyjacks - 6mm braid

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